On his final day in office, President Barack Obama urged Americans to stay at home to help with the storm, saying they had a duty to take care of their families.

Obama is also urging Americans to be vigilant for signs of hurricane-related flooding.

The president tweeted Thursday that “it’s not enough to just wait until tomorrow to prepare,” but instead “you can prepare now and protect your family and your communities.”

The White House said Thursday that Obama’s advice was in line with the White House’s earlier advice that Americans stay home in case of natural disasters.

“It’s not just that the president is making a general call, but he’s also saying we need to take it as seriously as we can,” White House deputy press secretary Matt Lehrich said Thursday on CNN’s “New Day.”

“And if you look at what he said at the beginning of the week, that it’s a responsibility, a duty, a responsibility,” Lehrich added.

“The president is saying that we’re all going to be impacted by this, so that’s a reflection of his understanding of how these things work.”

Lehrich said that the White, including the President, is “going to be watching closely” and that they’re “working closely with our allies and partners” to help “coordinate how we can best protect the United States and our people.”

He also said the White is coordinating the administration’s response with federal, state, local and tribal authorities.