The first poster for the Australian Government’s advertising campaign for the 2020 Census will be unveiled on Friday morning.

Key points:The poster is designed to be a snapshot of Australians, rather than a portrait of the nation, as is the standard for most government postersNow, the Australian Advertising Standards Authority (AASA) has issued a statement that the poster is intended to be “a snapshot of Australian citizens and their experiences”.

The AASA said the poster was designed by “a team of designers and illustrators from the Australian Design Council”.

The posters will be printed on thick cardboard with a text on the side of the poster.

They will be available in two styles: a standard format, which will be sold as a poster, and a poster style that will be displayed on a mobile phone or tablet device.

They are expected to retail for $19.99 (about AU$27).

Advertising is one of the most powerful ways of drawing attention to the Government and getting people to think about how they feel about the Government.

It is a central element of the Government’s election advertising campaign, and the poster has become a major talking point since it was first unveiled in October.

Last week, Mr Morrison and his Treasurer Scott Morrison unveiled a poster featuring an image of the Australian flag flying over the Senate.

The poster was a response to a campaign by the opposition Labor Party, which had put up a similar one last month, with a message about the need for Australians to work together to improve the country.

The AAP says the poster, which was designed and commissioned by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, is an opportunity to demonstrate that Australians care about their community.

“Our community is not the centre of the universe,” it said.

“We are not just a nation.

We are an Australian community, which is why we are committed to ensuring that we reflect the diverse Australian identity.”