The NHL’s commissioner said Wednesday the league will soon introduce a new online ad posting platform to help streamline its marketing, advertising and ticketing activities in the United States.

Commissioner Gary Bettman spoke to NHL players and executives during an event at the World Economic Forum, hosted by the United Nations, in Davos, Switzerland, on Wednesday.

The Bettman Group, a media and entertainment consulting firm, will use its new ad posting system to offer personalized advertising, tickets and sponsorship opportunities to fans, he said.

“This is an important and significant step in our ongoing effort to enhance our advertising, marketing and ticket sales,” Bettman said.

“Our goal is to offer fans the most personalized and relevant advertising, promotions and tickets possible in a digital environment.”

The new platform, called Hockey for Business, will allow fans to post, share and promote their own content.

It will offer an ad-driven platform for fans to interact with advertisers and businesses directly, Bettman added.

“It’s going to be a lot more fun to watch our fans interact with our advertisers and companies than it has ever been before,” he said, speaking about a key part of the NHL’s new advertising platform.

“Our goal in creating Hockey for BOB is to provide fans the best possible experience for hockey, and the most relevant and engaging advertising, promotional and ticket offerings possible.”

The NHL said its ad posting platforms will work with “local partners and partners in other sports to ensure they are in a position to be effective.”

The league’s new ad platform will be developed by Bettman’s team at the agency Gartner, which specializes in digital media and technology, Bettmen said.

He said the NHL expects to have “at least three or four” new online platforms ready by early summer.

Bettman said the new platforms will allow NHL teams to use more of their existing digital platforms to create content, including online game previews, and allow fans the opportunity to create their own fan-generated content.

“That’s a big step in making our marketing and advertising more effective,” Bettmann said.

Battling ‘social-media trolls’ and the ‘trolling economy’As part of a new effort to combat “social-futurism,” Bettmans new ad post-publishing platform will also include a new tool for social media sites to post and share content, Bettmans team said.

It’s a part of Bettmans new effort for the digital world to be more effective and help his businesses grow.

“I’m going to work with the industry and social-media companies to create a new platform that will be a more robust and effective platform for social sharing,” he added.

Basketball players and NBA Commissioner Adam Silver have been vocal critics of the social-platform industry, which they say is “failing” to keep fans engaged and connected.

The NHL has long struggled to compete in the digital space, as it was the last major professional sports league to allow the sharing of live video clips on social media.

Last week, the league announced it was launching an online platform called NHL GameCenter Live, which allows fans to watch and record games live online.

Bettman says the new platform will help the league attract and retain more fans.

The league said the company will create more content and be better at managing the platform.

It said it expects to launch the new online platform by the end of June.