In a bid to help people discover new coffees, coffee advertising posters have been using the internet to post ads to coffee blogs, and online coffee shops.

The adverts appear on a coffee shop’s website, on a blog post, on coffee shop ads and on a Facebook page.

The posters are asking for help to find new coffes and coffee enthusiasts to join their coffee club.

“What you need to know is, the coffee is coming to you, and you can be part of it,” the ad reads.

The campaign has also targeted a handful of popular brands such as Starbucks, Kelloggs, Colgate and Co-Op.

The posters say the ads are meant to encourage people to try coffees and share tips and ideas.

“You can find your favorite coffees at our cafes, or you can order one online and try it at your favourite cafe,” the posters read.

“The best part is, you can find coffee online too, so we’re not just selling coffee anymore, we’re sharing coffee,” one poster said.

“So if you love coffee, join our coffee club.”

Other posters said the ads were meant to help coffee lovers get their hands on fresh coffees.

“Just like you are a coffee lover, so too are we, so if you want to get in touch with us and talk about our coffees or the coffees we are offering, then just come and talk to us, we would love to talk to you,” one ad said.

“If you don’t like coffee, don’t drink coffee,” the poster said, adding that coffee lovers should find coffees on their own and try a new one.

“It’s the only way to get your hands on coffee.

Go to your local coffeeshop and give it a try.

We’re not talking about some random coffee shop, we want you to find a coffee with us,” one coffee poster said on the Facebook page Coffee and Coffee Club.”

We don’t want to have a coffee club with people we don’t really like.

We want people to share with us our favorite coffes, so it’s a little bit like coffee with you,” the group said.

The group has also asked coffee lovers to share their experiences and thoughts on coffee using their coffee-themed blog posts.

The ads were created by advertising agency WPP, and they were published last week.

“This is an opportunity for people to reach out to each other, to share stories and experiences, and to learn new things,” the agency said in a statement.

“People are looking for something that is both a good read and a fun way to share coffee with friends and family, and the coffee club can provide that.”