Fox Sports is reporting that the NFL is in talks to get the game aired during its primetime slot on NFL Network.

This would be a huge step for the league, which is in the midst of a ratings slump after a huge ratings success with the World Series, and one that could open up the door to a major boost in viewership.

“I think it’s a very important game for us, the game of the year,” NFL Network senior vice president of programming Craig Slater told The Hollywood Reporter.

“I think there’s a lot of buzz in the country that the game is the greatest in the history of the NFL, and it would be terrific to have it aired during primetime.”

The NFL, which already airs the Olympics on Sunday, has a long history of airing games during primtime on

Earlier this year, it aired the Cowboys-Packers game on Sunday nights.

Slater said the NFL would be open to getting a game on network television, but that it would need to be in prime time in order to be considered.

A new NBA game would likely get a second airing during primetime, but the league is not yet considering the possibility of airing the All-Star game on ESPN on a Sunday night.

It’s still unclear what the future holds for NFL Network, as the network was once owned by Comcast.

The network is owned by Fox Sports, which has been airing games on NFL games since 2010.