The Facebook ad network is not immune to the new era of social media advertising.

However, as with most new platforms, you’ll want to be aware of the new ways ads can be used.

Advertisers can also use ads to target your followers or followers of similar interests.

Facebook is not the only platform where ads can target you or your interests.

You can find ads that target your Facebook friends, and even friends of friends.

For example, if your friend is a soccer fan, you might see an ad that tells him to buy a soccer jersey from Adidas or Nike.

You might also see ads that help you to see specific places where you live.

Advertisements can be placed on websites, in magazines, on TV, or even in magazines and other magazines and newspapers.

For example, you could see an advertising banner that asks you to find a local bar that is good for a beer.

You might also have a link to a local newspaper ad that explains why this bar is good.

These ads could be placed in an ad with a similar name or even the same company name.

If you like a particular location, you may also see an advertisement that offers a discount on a trip to the nearby destination.

This could be a coupon you receive from your local bar or a travel guide that offers discounts on the price of a hotel.

These types of ads could also be placed as part of an online or mobile game.

This may not be ideal for Facebook, however, as you will not be able to control how the ad is displayed.

Advertisers have the ability to post a message on the site, which you can then view.

You may also be able see the ad, which might be a small ad, or a larger ad that shows more information.

If you are a frequent user of Facebook, you will notice that ads may appear frequently.

Some Facebook advertisers use a mobile app to show ads in your timeline.

For instance, you can see an advert that says, “Get $1 off a trip for your favorite soccer team.

Take your family for a trip.”

Or, you are likely to see an app that allows you to create a group photo with your friends.

You can also see what ads are available for a particular time period.

For this reason, you should only see ads from companies that advertise in your time zone.

Facebook is also able to track which ads are being posted to your timeline, but you can opt out of seeing these ads by changing your Facebook privacy settings.