A new feature for hotel ads on the hotel website now allows users to make up an ad that appears to be from the hotel itself, rather than just an ad for a different type of hotel.

The new feature, called the “Guest Spot” feature, allows users who are logged into their hotel account to add a photo to their account that resembles the hotel’s signature and logo, with the caption “Hiring in the U.S.”

It’s a simple yet powerful way to trick the hotel into thinking that the user is an employee and pay them in the United States.

The hotel will then send the user an email inviting them to apply for a hotel room.

The trick was first reported by The Washington Post on Wednesday.

In an interview with the paper, the hotel said the feature had been in the works for several months and was being tested.

It’s unclear whether the hotel would be required to provide proof that the photo was genuine.

The hotel added that the feature is designed to help users find the best hotels and stayers.

The feature is available only in the USA, Canada and Australia.

It will not work for any other countries, such as South Korea, Taiwan, India, the Middle East and Africa, the company said.

The post-election surge of fake hotel advertisements has been blamed on an uptick in social media posts that show a hotel’s logo being used by an individual who appears to have been hired for the job.

In addition to the fake hotel ads, the Post reported that fake Airbnb ads have been spotted on the popular travel website, as well as on Reddit, and Twitter.

The hotels in question all use the same hotel logo, and many have posted the same message on the site.