How to edit the Google search results for a banner advertisement on the main page of Google News in India is simple.

You just have to enter your keywords into the search box and select the one that matches your Google News title.

Once you have chosen the right banner, Google News will give you a link to post it on the website.

This can be done in a couple of ways.

Firstly, you can use the search engine’s own ad placement algorithm.

This is a very powerful tool and allows you to make any Google News page look great.

It also makes it possible to place ads on all pages of the GoogleNews banner in any order.

You can also place an advertisement on a Google News article that already has a banner.

This will give the user a link directly to the Google adverts page, but it will take a little while to load.

Google News offers an unlimited number of ads, but you will have to accept a certain fee if you wish to make more.

The fee is usually around Rs.1,000, and the ad placement is free.