It’s a common practice to use free ad placement in your posts.

But lamp post is a social media platform where you can monetize those posts and you can also create custom ads.

Here are some tips to get more exposure on lamp posts and other posts that are sponsored by advertisers.1.

Use an Ad Blocker2.

Set up a separate blog to post content about lamp post ads.3.

Use the “Sponsored” section of the sidebar to create custom content for your post.4.

Use keywords like “lamp post” or “laptop” to get a big lead on the post.5.

Set a timer to display the ad on the posts sidebar.6.

When you post a new post, add a link to your post to make it easier to get the ad.7.

Make sure to have a different title than the ad and the post itself.8.

Keep the post relevant to the lamp post you’re promoting.9.

Keep it simple.