Water is an essential component of life on Earth, but it’s a scarce resource that’s often treated like a luxury.

Here are some tips for keeping it clean.


Take care to use an old fashioned filter, like a plastic soda bottle.

Plastic soda bottles are often used to clean sinks, and their soft plastic is a better choice than disposable bottles.

It can also help remove contaminants from your sink, since it’s porous and can absorb water more easily.


Clean your sink regularly.

You can use the same filter to clean your shower and tub, too.


Don’t rely on the sink’s automatic filtration system to remove contaminants.

A good system has automatic filters, which are meant to remove the most common contaminants, such as solids and liquids, before they become a problem.

These systems have more than 90 percent success rates.


Clean the inside of your bathroom every few months, or if the water level in your shower or tub is too low to reach the surface, pour water into the sink.

The surface will be more pliable and easier to clean.


Make sure your sink has enough space to accommodate the amount of water you’ll be using, and that it’s flushable.


Wash your hands before you put the water in the sink to keep it clean, since bacteria can enter your water if it’s too cold or too hot.


Never use a dishwasher or vacuum cleaner on your sink unless it has a built-in cleaning system.

These machines are designed to kill germs.


Don.t. wash the sink or shower unless it’s at room temperature.


Wash any clothing or shoes that have come in contact with the water before putting it into the washing machine.


Donate your sink or tub water to a local water bank or charity, such