I’m not sure where the word ‘art’ came from, but it certainly doesn’t have to be a word from the world of art.

You can create a beautiful and eye-catching art piece from scratch with the help of a few simple, yet easy, tips.


Paint your work on a clean white background, preferably with a matte finish.

I prefer matte finishes because it gives the piece a clean, natural look.


Start by painting your work.

I suggest starting with a blank piece of paper or a sheet of paper.

Use the brush and paint as you would paint a picture.

It doesn’t matter what colour you choose, just try to get a good and clean finish.


When you’re finished, use your fingers to trace the outline of the painting on the piece of blank paper or sheet of sheet.

It should look something like this: 4.

Once you’ve traced the outline, carefully trace around the corner of the canvas to create the eye.

This can be done with your fingers or a paintbrush.


Add an image of a child to the corner.

Use your fingers and paint your image on the canvas.

This will make it look even more beautiful.


Finally, add your logo to the bottom of the eye!

Use your finger to trace around to create a triangle shape.


If you want to add a flower or other animal to the eye, then you can add it with a brush.

I find it really difficult to draw animals on a painting, so I tend to use a piece of wood or a piece or a pipe to create my animal shapes.

This way, I can draw them with a straight line.


To finish the eye piece, trace around in the middle of the piece and draw the eye in the centre.

This gives it a little bit of depth.


Place the piece in the fridge for a few hours and paint it.

You’ll want to get the piece completely dry before using it.

I like to wait until it’s totally cool before using this painting technique.


Once the piece is completely dry, paint a second coat of white paint over the top.

Make sure to avoid any clumps or dust.

Now your child’s eyes look beautiful and the painting looks really great.

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