In an early October, Twitter was under fire for running a mockup of a new Star Wars movie poster.

That photo was later shared with thousands of followers as an advertisement for a McDonalds ad.

It was a fun stunt, but a prank that ended up costing McDonalds thousands of dollars in advertising and promotion.

The photo was actually a mock-up of one of the posters we saw earlier this year at CinemaCon 2017.

The post, which was titled “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” and featuring an image of a lightsaber, was shared on October 18, 2018.

That day, we saw a trailer for the new film, The Last Princess, and some of the actors who are playing characters from the franchise.

The image is clearly a mock up of the trailer poster, and there are no Star Wars characters or scenes.

However, the image was quickly shared thousands of times on Twitter and quickly got some exposure.

This week, McDonalds decided to take action and remove the post from the social media platform.

The company said in a statement to EW: We have a policy of removing ads on social media, but sometimes we don’t even know they’re on the site or that they were shared until after they’ve been deleted.

“We removed the post immediately and have taken immediate action against the original poster, who is no longer working for McDonalds,” the company said.

It also said it had removed all promotional material from its website and Facebook page.

McDonalds spokesperson Jennifer Wilson told EW the company does not typically comment on individual marketing campaigns, but added that it “takes the safety and well-being of our franchisees very seriously and has taken swift action to remove this tweet.”

The poster that was deleted is not the only example McDonalds is taking to crack down on fake marketing.

In June, the company began advertising a McDonald’s cheeseburger at Walmart, as well as on other stores in cities across the United States.

McDonald’s also said that it would change its marketing to emphasize that its hamburgers and fries are “made with fresh, locally grown ingredients.”

And on Monday, the chain announced a change in its website content and ads, which include more prominently featuring its new product line, the Super Double Hot Dogs.

The burgers have already made their way onto menus at the fast-food chain’s restaurants across the country.

The brand has been experimenting with a range of new food items in recent years, including burgers, fries, and hot dogs.

The chain recently launched a new burger and fries line, called the Double Hot Dog Burger.

McDonald plans to release more new items in 2019, and the chain has already been exploring ways to incorporate its new food into the restaurant’s menu.