In this article:You can create your own Facebook ads by downloading the Google Ads SDK and using it to embed the adverts you want to display.

To learn more about Facebook Ads, visit our ad buying guide.

This tutorial assumes that you already have an account with Facebook.

If you don’t, you can create an account here and sign up to use the ad tools.

Once you have signed up for the Google Ad SDK, go to your Google Ads page.

Click the Settings tab, then click the Ads button at the top.

Next, click the Ad Settings tab.

In the Ad settings, click Facebook Ads.

You’ll see your adverts here.

To show Facebook ads, you’ll need to specify how you want them displayed.

If there are multiple Facebook adverts on the page, the topmost ad will be displayed, and so on.

If a page has just one adverts, the ad will appear in the top right corner of the page.

To start using Facebook Ads to show your Facebook posts, click Create.

When you’re ready to start creating ads, click Save.

You can view the Facebook Ads SDK here.

You can also create Facebook Ads by using Adsense.

To see Adsense ads in action, check out our ad buy guide.

When you’re done creating ads for Facebook, click Close.

The ads should now appear on your page.

If you want your ads to show on other pages, check your ad settings.

You should see an option to hide ads for pages that aren’t showing Facebook ads.

You may also need to change your Facebook ad settings to include the words “Sponsored” and “Facebook”.

If you’ve done this, you will see a message saying that your ads are shown on a page that doesn’t have any Facebook ads on it.

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