A few weeks ago, the House of Representatives voted to pass a bill to raise the federal minimum wage to $10.10 an hour, in what is expected to be a landmark victory for workers and workers’ rights advocates across the country.

The bill has become a major political flashpoint in the nation’s capital, as a number of companies have announced that they are either moving to raise their pay in the US or plan to do so, or are moving their operations abroad to reduce their costs.

However, there has been no public announcement from any of these companies about whether they would be able to keep their current workers from going back to work.

Now, a new ad from the House Democratic leadership campaign, House Democrats on the Wage Act, is being launched with a focus on raising the minimum to $15 an hour in Connecticut.

The ad, which is called “A New Day for Connecticut,” is the latest in a series of advertisements that the House Democrats have released this year, including a spot in which they announce they are working with “the President, the Governor and the United States Chamber of Commerce” to push the minimum $15 minimum wage legislation.

In the ad, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) takes aim at President Donald Trump, who has repeatedly promised to raise wages and pay for his infrastructure investment plan, while saying that he would support a $15 wage and push to raise it in states like Connecticut.

“Donald Trump promised to protect working families, and he’s already paid the price,” Pelosi said in the ad.

“Now it’s time for Congress to do the same.”

Pelosi has long been an advocate for raising the federal wage and the ad is a major step in the right direction for the Democrats, who have been increasingly frustrated with the White House’s rhetoric and policies, particularly when it comes to the minimum.

In a recent post on Medium, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) shared an image of a photo of the House Majority Leader with the caption, “I’m with Pelosi, we’re with you, and we’re going to make America great again.”

The ad shows Pelosi as she sits on a bench in the front row of the Senate chamber, and she is shown speaking with a small group of senators.

In the photo, the ad caption says, “The Democratic leadership is working with the President, Congress and the President’s team to push a $10 minimum wage bill.

We will continue to fight for a living wage and affordable childcare for every working family in America.”

Pepin also noted that the ad shows that “there are a lot of people working hard in Connecticut right now,” and that she is proud to be “working with them” and the “champion of the middle class.”

The House Democrats are also touting the fact that Connecticut is the first state in the country to pass $15/hour legislation.

The Connecticut minimum wage has been increasing annually since 2007, and was set at $9.75 an hour by 2020.

However in January 2017, the federal government announced that it would begin raising the rate to $11.10 in 2019.

While it has been a relatively easy win for Connecticut, it remains to be seen if the bill will pass the House and become law.

On the other hand, if the minimum rate does become $15, the bill could make a lot more sense to the Senate, where Democrats have a slim majority.