The Post is using Post advertising in some cases, the newspaper said Tuesday, after its first public disclosure of a potential violation of the Federal Communications Commission rules.

The Post’s disclosure comes amid a broader crackdown on advertisers by the FCC.

The agency has imposed a $1.4 million fine on a group of television networks and the publisher of The Washington Times, which reported the first advertising violations in January.

In the past month, the FCC has fined six television networks for violating its rules, fined advertisers $2 million for failing to comply with the agency’s anti-obscenity rules, and ordered several companies to pay more than $4 million in penalties.

Advertisers must now disclose that they are using Post ads and the terms of use for their products and services, the Post said in a statement.

The disclosure includes the company name and contact information for the Post advertising firm, as well as an explanation of how the ads will be used.

The Post will also include a link to the FCC’s official site for more information.

“As part of our continued efforts to enhance our advertising practices, the Commission has made some changes to its regulations related to Post advertising,” the statement said.

“The new rules prohibit a variety of types of advertising that the Commission deems inappropriate.

This includes, but is not limited to, inappropriate use of Post advertising by non-Post entities and by advertisers on Post pages and other Post-related sites.

These regulations apply to advertising on Post sites, as they apply to all advertising on the Internet, including advertising on other websites.

The FCC also says that the use of advertising on non-post websites, including the Internet and social media, is prohibited.

Advertising on other sites that do not comply with FCC guidelines could result in fines, the commission said.

The FCC has taken steps to address this problem, including requiring that Internet sites and other sites containing Post advertising be approved by the commission.

The new rules do not require such sites to be approved, so advertisers who use non-approved sites could be penalized for using Post ad space on other pages.

The rules also prohibit advertising on any other website, including social media and other websites, which includes websites operated by third parties.

These restrictions apply to non-commercial advertising on these websites as well, the agency said.

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