Advertisers and students alike have been flocking to the Pepsi Ad Institute in the past week to see the latest advertising campaign from the beverage giant.

The ad campaign, “The Truth About Adwords,” will highlight the benefits of the new technology, including the ability to make ad purchases and the new digital tools that enable marketers to more effectively reach students.

“Adwords is the next frontier in the ad industry, and with this campaign, Pepsi is showcasing the next great frontier in digital advertising,” said Dr. Joseph Siegel, PepsiCo’s VP of Digital Media.

“This is the kind of insight that we’ve been wanting to share for a while now,” said Siegel.

“Pepsi wants to make the world a better place for our students, our parents and our employees.”

The campaign will air on Pampers platforms, including Pampier, Pampio and PepsiPeps platform, PAMP, will be a key point in the campaign.

The campaign will feature the brands logos on the ads.

Pepco has partnered with the University of Michigan’s Center for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence and is also working with the School of Interactive Media and Advertising at the University, as well as other institutions across the country.

The project is part of PepsiCo ‘s efforts to leverage AI, and has been dubbed the “AI in Schools” initiative.

“The fact that the world is changing, and AI is the future of commerce is something that is becoming increasingly relevant,” said Chris Wood, senior VP of Marketing for PepsiCo, during a PAMP panel discussion.

“With a focus on education and helping our students become more educated, it’s no wonder that we want to make an impact in their lives,” he added.

“We’re also trying to change the world by creating the best possible world for them.”

The ad will be shown across the United States and Canada.

Papa Johns is the brand behind the Pepsi ad campaign.

In addition to the campaign, the brand has partnered on a variety of initiatives, including a global campaign to teach students how to read and write in Mandarin.