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The Italian giants are known to have been very generous with their advertising budgets during their run in the Champions League and Europa League last season.

During the second leg of the quarter-finals against Bayern Munich, the home side’s adverts for the match ran in all the newspapers, including La Repubblica, Il Giornale, La Repozione and the Sun.

In total, the Juventus team received around $2.5m for the tournament.

In the second-leg victory, the Bianconeri also received around £700,000 for the game.

According to Giancarlo Zanotti, a representative of the Juve board, this was the first time Juventus had been paid for an away fixture.

The club was able to recoup the money because of the favourable commercial conditions and a very good performance.

Zanotti told Football Italy: “There were a number of ads on the pitch.

In fact, we had a great atmosphere, but we also had a few advertisements.

It was all positive.”

While Juventus were able to cover the cost of the game, they had a problem.

The Champions League match is usually sold out, and in the case of the Europa League match, the seats were sold out.

The Bianconery had to pay the cost.

“The Champions League game was sold out for a few days and we had to take a loan for a couple of days to make sure the tickets were sold,” Zanotti said.

“We then sold the tickets for the second match.

That was the only profit for the Biancolettes.”

Despite the financial benefits, Zanotti admitted that the Biancolini were unable to pay their debts.

“We did not have any money,” he said.

“That was the problem.

We had to sell tickets for a while, and that was just the cost for a little while.

We did not get any money.”

The Italian club have been in the spotlight over the last few weeks due to the current financial crisis, with the financial picture even more dire than in the previous year.

Zanzetta added: “I hope this will not be a reflection on Juventus, but it is true that we cannot pay our debts.

There is a lot of speculation and criticism on the football side, but in reality, the football club is struggling.”