A post newspaper advertisement for a new University job posting is currently online.

The job posting for a teaching assistant position was posted on the university’s website today.

A University of Brisbane spokeswoman said the job posting was posted online and will remain available for up to two weeks.

“This post was posted in response to the university offering an early appointment for a position with a teaching role,” she said.

In the post, the post newspaper advertises the job and the salary.

It states the job will be a full-time position with an annual salary of $42,945.

It also says the position is on a contract and that it is “an important position to be considered for”.

The University of Sydney spokeswoman said it had no comment on the job advertisement.

University of Melbourne spokeswoman Kate Davies said the university was aware of the post and was “looking into it”.

“We’ve seen a number of posts online and we have not seen any of these comments from any of the other employers in the position,” she told 7.30.

Ms Davies said she could not comment on specific applications or postings and said she did not think the university needed to respond to them.