In an advertisement in Japan for the blockbuster movie Lionheart, the Japanese company said the title character was a medical doctor and that he had to be “not only good at the job, but also a good kid”.

The advertisement, which was uploaded on the company’s official social media accounts on Monday, appeared to have been written by the film’s star Keiichiro Toyama.

It also featured a doctor and a child with the caption “the best doctor and best kid in the world” (which translates to “the only good doctor in the whole world”) as well as a man in a black suit.

“LionHeart” will be released in Japan on June 24, but in English, it has not yet been released.

In the advertisement, the doctor says “Lion Heart” is a “very tough character” and he is “going to teach you to be a better doctor”.

“You will be able to do whatever you want,” he said.

“It’s your choice whether you want to be good at it or not, but if you want a good life, it’s your responsibility to be strong enough to get the job done.”

In a statement, Samsung said: “We’re working to create a world where no one has to worry about being a bad doctor, but rather the best doctor, best child, and most trustworthy doctor.”

The advertisement has drawn criticism from some Japanese commentators, who have said the character in the film is “not even a doctor”.

The statement said Samsung’s “lionheart” character, who is a medical practitioner and an “old doctor” in the movie, is “in a similar role to the fictional doctor in Lionheart”.

“He is a character who is like a good guy who’s a bit more like a doctor than a doctor,” one Twitter user, @Takaki_Hasegawa, wrote on Twitter.

“The ‘lion heart’ in the trailer is a very tough character who has a strong sense of justice and is the most reliable character in a movie,” he added.

Toyama also said in the advertisement: “I want you to think of this as a dream.

You don’t have to work to be an ‘Lionsheart’.

You can do it by doing it, by being strong and by being good.

The only way is to become a lion.”

The ad has been criticised by some social media users as sexist and offensive.

A tweet by Twitter user @taylorsmell, who goes by the name @SarunasSara, also criticised the ad, saying: “This ad is very sexist.

The character in it looks like a woman.”

Toyama, the actor who plays Lionheart in the blockbuster, also appeared in a promotional video for the film.