This poster by artist Michael A. Smith is one of a number of iconic posters from the 1970s that have become an iconic part of American pop culture. 

The poster was inspired by the legendary movie The Untouchables and is one in a series of iconic images that Smith created using black and white photographs and film clips from the film. 

It was also one of the first posters to have the word “titanic” emblazoned across it, and has since become a popular reference for many Americans. 

But Smith’s work has also inspired many others, and the iconic poster was among the most popular of a set of posters that was produced for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s (UNESCO) Advisory Board of Visitors, The Times reported. 

“Titanic posters have become a national icon of American culture,” Smith said in a statement about the ad.

“We’ve had many iconic posters in the US that have been appropriated by others, but the titanic is the poster that is a real inspiration to us.

I believe the titonic is a symbol that can inspire anyone.” 

“The titanic” is a reference to the title character in the movie The Twilight Zone, played by William Shatner.

“The first film that inspired me was The Twilight Saga,” he said.

“And then I had this other poster that was made up of a bunch of different pictures.

And then I made a poster called the titans.

And that was it.” 

The title of the film is a pun on the titan, a mythical creature that looks like a giant human-shaped animal. 

Smith created the titantic poster in the early 1970s, and he said that while he’s “not a fan of the titania”, he has been influenced by his inspiration to make the poster. 

His work also includes iconic images of the Beatles, George Harrison, Robert De Niro, and other iconic figures from American popular culture.

“I think the titany is a pretty strong reference for American culture and that’s why I’m fascinated by it,” Smith told the Times. 

Some of Smith’s other iconic posters include a “Big Daddy” poster that has been sold at auction for more than $70,000, a poster of President Ronald Reagan, and a poster for “Glorious.” 

Smith also made several iconic posters for the film Titanic, which has gone on to become a worldwide cult classic.

In addition to the film posters, Smith has also worked on many other projects.

“I have a number, maybe a dozen or so, that I’ve been doing for various film companies,” Smith explained. 

He also said that the titanos have inspired him to “make a few posters for people that I’m doing now.” 

He’s now creating a book about the titannas. 

You can find more of Smiths work at his site, The Art of Titanic Advertising Poster.