The word ‘burb’ was coined by the British economist Joseph Campbell in the 1950s to describe a ‘dumb’ or ‘cheap’ meal, a reference to its cheapness.

The term was later used by McDonalds in an ad that appeared on its TV advertisements.

The word ‘Burger’ was invented by McDonald’s in an advertisement for its ‘Dumb’ hamburger (Getty)Burger King is the most popular fast food restaurant in the UK with over 30 million daily customers.

The company says the slogan ‘Dump the Burger’ was used to highlight the company’s ‘low-calorie’ menu and its ‘clean’ burger, a line that McDonalds did not intend to offend.

However, some in the restaurant industry have criticised the company for using the word Burger to sell its burgers.

The ad also featured the slogan “Eat the burger, not the burger”.

McDonalds said it was unaware of the offending phrase and that its slogan was “the right thing to do”.

The company said it would use ‘DUMP THE BUNG’ in future advertisements.

McDonald’s (MCD) said it had not used the phrase ‘DUMB’ in any advertisements.