Samsung has not been able to break into the US market as quickly as its rivals but is now looking to get into other markets where the company has an advantage, according to an analyst.

The company is spending $1.6 billion on ads in New York, the second largest market for Samsung, and $2.3 billion in Boston, the company said in a filing on Tuesday.

The US market is worth about $5.6 trillion and is expected to grow to $10 trillion by 2019, according the research firm MoffettNathanson.

Samsung has been aggressively courting investors in the US, where it owns 49 percent of the smartphone market.

It plans to spend $1 billion on advertising this year, more than double what it spent in 2016.

It will spend $500 million in advertising in Texas, $500 in the state of California, $750 in California and $700 in Texas.

It will spend more in the rest of the country, including California, Arizona, New York and Florida, according, according a Reuters report on the filing.

The ad buying blitz has focused on the American advertising market in the wake of the iPhone and iPad launch in the United States.

The new products are viewed as a breakthrough for a company that has long been criticized for not being able to compete effectively with Apple and other tech giants.

Analysts said the ads show the company’s growing strength as a media company and show how it is positioning itself to win back customers who have been frustrated by slower growth and the company selling cheaper phones in the market.

Samsung’s strategy is to try to keep customers engaged, said Daniel T. Smith, an analyst with RBC Capital Markets in New Jersey.

“It is a good sign for Samsung that the ad buys have been focused on its core business of consumer electronics, not just its other product lines,” he said.

While the ads are aimed at consumers, the firm has also targeted other industries, including education, healthcare, media, retail, technology and other companies, according.

“The ad buys are a positive sign for the Samsungs’ overall performance, as it has been focused more on its consumer business in the past year,” Smith said.

“It should show the firm’s focus on consumer electronics will continue to grow as it tries to recapture lost market share from Apple and Samsung.”

Analysts believe Samsung is likely to continue spending heavily in advertising, though, given the strength of the US economy and the strength in the global economy.

Smith said Samsung could face pressure from rivals in the next quarter to continue making big purchases in the advertising market.

Samsung said its total advertising spend in the U.S. is expected in the coming quarters to reach $3.1 billion.

It expects to spend more than $1 trillion in ads in the full year, up from the $1bn spent in the fourth quarter of last year.

It said the ad spending would increase as Samsung’s smartphone sales grow.