I’m always happy to see a new cosplay pop up. 

And it’s always nice to see Scarlett Johanson, and her cosplay, show up in a costume like this, but I’m a little less excited for this cosplay because it looks like it will be an entirely different type of cosplay. 

What makes this one stand out more is that it’s not the same costume as the one Johanson is wearing in the upcoming film, which is a very different look. 

Instead, this one is a new costume that looks more like Johanson’s costume in The Witching Hour, a film starring Scarlett Johansons daughter, Sofia Boutella.

The new costume is set to be worn by the star of the upcoming horror film, a woman named Malena. 

She’s not wearing a costume, but instead she’s dressed in a dress with a lot of red on it, which represents the witch’s curse. 

It’s a bit more subdued than the usual black dress that Scarlett Johansen is usually wearing, but still it’s pretty creepy. 

We also know that Johanson will be in costume, which makes sense. 

There’s been speculation about whether or not the new costume will be a Halloween costume for the film, but it looks more likely that it will actually be a holiday costume, a costume that is a little bit more Halloween-y. 

This costume is going to be a lot more creepy than the costume Johanson wears in the film. 

The red on the dress represents the witch, and it repokes the curse that was cast on Johansen and Sofia in the original film.

I’m sure Scarlett Johanness will be very nervous about being in costume like that.

I imagine her will be extremely upset about it, especially if it looks familiar. 

I’m a big fan of the Halloween costume.

I love Halloween costumes, but if you’re like me and you just love Halloween, you probably won’t be excited about this new costume. 

You might just be looking forward to seeing this movie. 

But I can’t help but think that there are two more Halloween costumes that will be coming out in the next few weeks that could actually be the perfect Halloween costume to wear for this film.

If you’re looking for the ultimate Halloween costume, look no further than this Cosplay Scarlett Johanna costume.