Facebook has been the biggest beneficiary of Google’s search ad program, but Google still has a way to go in terms of making ads on its own platforms. 

According to the Wall Street Journal, Google has a $2 billion program that lets it use the search giant’s search engine for ad placement.

The WSJ reported that Google is looking to partner with ad networks in a bid to reach advertisers in areas like tech, entertainment and health care. 

Google has long had a relationship with Facebook.

Facebook has a huge presence on Google, as well as in many other social media platforms, but the relationship has grown increasingly strained over time. 

The WSJ also reported that in a move to get a larger share of the social media advertising market, Google had previously announced a deal with advertising network AdRoll to get 20% of Google Search ads. 

But the WSJ said Google is no longer interested in that deal, which means Facebook has to pay up for Google’s share of search advertising revenue. 

In the same article, the WSN reported that a Google search ad campaign is expected to cost Facebook $5 million, up from $1 million. 

A Facebook spokesperson told the WSJO that the ads will be featured in Facebook ads that will be rolled out through the company’s own ad platform, rather than relying on Google’s.