On a warm fall day in late December, I went to the office of an advertising company to see if we could help. 

I was there to help with a new, high-tech campaign, the first part of a five-year plan to buy and sell a variety of brands and ad agencies. 

As I walked into the company’s marketing room, a young woman was handing out flyers to potential clients.

She asked me to introduce myself. 

“Hi,” I replied. 

She looked at me with genuine curiosity. 

And she asked me if I was the best candidate for this project. 

What a great question! 

I had no idea. 

In the past, I had been offered work as a copywriter for a local newspaper, a local news agency, and a local film company. 

None of those opportunities had offered the opportunity for a big-name agency to hire me. 

Now, I knew that if I had the opportunity to sell advertising to local businesses, I was going to love it. 

But I also knew that I was in for a tough, tough ride. 

It was the type of work I had not experienced before. 

 This was not the type of work that would get me into the office every day, but it was the kind of work that could bring me a lot of success. 

So, I turned my attention to the advertising business. 

One of the first things I did was look at a few of the existing agencies that were looking for work. 

Most of them were small, but there were some that were larger. 

This would make the job a little easier. 

There was a huge difference in the types of ads that could be used in each of those ad agencies, which would help me decide which was the right fit. 

The best agencies in the world could be hiring ad copywriters. 

With that in mind, I decided to go with the agency that was least expensive. 

When I looked at the price range, I saw a lot of good things. 

For starters, they had a huge budget. 

They were very well-staffed, and they were very knowledgeable about the advertising industry. 

Some of their ad copy was very professional and focused on getting people to buy from the best agency in the country. 

Other ad copy was boring and boring. 

Their clients would ask me questions and I would answer them without giving them any specific information. 

That made me think of my local newspaper. 

My experience had been to work for the same agency at least once before, and I couldnt say that about their copywriting. 

All I knew was that they had the best copywriting, and that they had the best client base. 

How much better was this agency than the local paper? I had to work hard to figure out how much money I could make. 

To find out, I started looking at other agencies with the same budget and the same staff. 

At first, I wanted to find an agency that was going to offer a better deal than the one I had. 

Then I thought about the local newspaper I had worked for when I was a student in the mid-1990s. 

During the school years, I did my homework on local newspapers and asked my professors and the publishers about their local newsrooms. 

A good local newspaper was a place that had been established by the newspaper and would keep the local media on its toes. 

We would be in the same building every day and people would come to our offices to ask us questions and talk about local news. 

Each newspaper would be in a different section of the library. 

Every week, we would go to a new newswire and read the paper. 

You could see that the newsroom was the heart of the newspaper.

It was where people would come to discuss local news and find out the latest news. 

While this was happening, I remember looking at ads on the newscast and thinking: how much better is this is this agency than my local paper?

I went back to the old ad agency and asked them what I could do to improve their ad writing. 

 They said they could help by providing a more effective copywriting program. 

From the copywriting that