With the NFL season kicking off in just a few weeks, many fans are excited about the return of the league.

But a lot of the fan interest seems to have come from other sports, with fans of soccer, baseball, basketball and even football being the ones who were hoping for a return.

Here are 10 things you should know about the 2018 season and what to expect from the 2018 NFL season.1.

The NFL will be back on CBS in 2019The CBS broadcast schedule is set to expand with a season of football, so the broadcast team of the NFL will also be on CBS.

This season will see the NFL on ESPN, CBS and FOX.2.

The Patriots have been on CBS since 2010When the NFL joined the CBS broadcast network in 2010, the Patriots were already on ESPN.

That means that since the Patriots joined the network in 2015, they’ve been on ESPN since 2010.

The team has also been on FOX since 2008.3.

CBS will be the official broadcast partner of the Super BowlThe NFL will have their official broadcast partners at the Super-Bowl in 2019.

CBS Sports Network will be providing coverage on the CBS Network, which is set up as a joint venture with CBS Sports, to include the Patriots.4.

The 2018 season will be CBS’s first season with the new CBS Sports Radio, which will be available exclusively on the NFL Network.CBS Sports Radio will provide exclusive programming to CBS Sports digital platforms on a regular basis, including CBS Sports Mobile, CBS Sports Connect, CBSSports.com and CBS Sports app.

CBSSportsRadio will also provide exclusive content to CBS Radio Network, including a daily live podcast of NFL Network programming.5.

CBS has confirmed it will be broadcasting the Superbowl in 2019There are two types of CBS broadcasting licenses that can be granted: one that allows the NFL to broadcast games on the network and another that allows a network to broadcast NFL games on its own network.CBS does not have a contract with the NFL that requires it to be on the broadcast network, so there will be no contract.

The Super Bowl will be broadcast on CBS and the NFL can choose to broadcast it on CBS or FOX, respectively.

The game will be a doubleheader with the Dallas Cowboys vs. the New York Giants.6.

The Cowboys and Giants will meet in the SuperdomeThe Cowboys are set to host the New England Patriots in the 2017 Superdrome.

This will be their first meeting since the team parted ways with former owner Jerry Jones in 2018.

In the past, the two teams have been in the same division.

The 2017 game was the first meeting between the teams since then.

The New England team won the game 31-28.7.

NFL Network will carry the SuperDome gameIn 2017, the NFL’s network carried the Super Dome game, which the Patriots won.

The network will be making its return to the Super Stadium in 2019 with the game airing on NFL Network on Monday nights at 10 p.m. and on NFL GamePass on Wednesday nights at 7 p.p.m..

NFL Network and NFL Game Pass will also carry the 2017 Patriots-Dallas game on Sunday at 8 p. and 6:30 p.

The final game will also air on NFL Networks Monday at 11 p.c.

The broadcast is expected to air live on NFL.com, which also will be carrying the game.8.

The Browns will be at NRG StadiumThe Cleveland Browns will host the Seattle Seahawks in 2018 in the NFL Stadium Series, a three-game series that will be played in Houston and Houston.

The games will be held on October 27, 31 and October 14.

The first game of the series will be in Houston on Oct. 27, followed by the second game on Oct 20 and the final game on Nov. 15.

The teams will play two more games in Houston.9.

NFL will return to Fox for the 2019 seasonThe NFL Network has been a part of the FOX Sports network for years and it has been on Fox for five of the last seven seasons.

But FOX Sports will be on Fox in 2019 and will be joined by Fox Sports Go for the 2018 regular season.

Fox Sports GO will also have the 2017 Seahawks-Browns game on Thursday nights.10.

The new Fox Sports 2 will air at the beginning of the 2020 seasonFox Sports 2 is going to debut at the start of the 2021 season.

The show will be called Fox Sports 1.

Fox has been working on a new sports network that will launch in 2021.