Post it advertising is the latest trend in digital advertising.

With post-advertising campaigns, advertisers can create their own personalized ads, and offer them to their customers directly on their sites.

It has proven to be a popular choice for online publishers.

But many marketers aren’t as happy with the results.

A recent study found that while the number of online advertisers has grown from 10.7% in 2010 to 19.6% in 2018, advertising has lost its competitive edge in the digital marketplace.

This could be because many companies are now focusing on other platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, to increase their reach, according to data from Adweek.

“It seems like a lot of publishers are doing things that are different than traditional advertising,” said Jason Brown, the head of digital marketing at marketing firm Pivotal Research.

In this case, many of the online advertising companies are focused on making their advertising more compelling.

Some are creating their own advertising, like with Pivots’ ads, which focus on the people who are using the service, instead of the company.

Pivot’s AdWords ad is designed to highlight how its customers are using its platform.

Povots is one of the best-known ad networks, but it is a small, independent one.

The company is in talks with many more companies to get its own digital advertising campaign up and running.

“Advertisers are increasingly looking to create their content in their own unique way,” said Joe DeMarco, vice president of digital advertising at Pivoting, a company that offers ad targeting tools.

“As a result, many publishers are trying to create a mix of traditional advertising, in-house content, and custom content to differentiate themselves from their competitors.”

Pivots has found that this is becoming a more common approach.

In 2017, Povot paid more than $6.5 million for more than 6,000 ad campaigns, according the company’s website.

In 2018, Pivotic paid $6 million for over 2,000 ads.

Advertiser interest is so high, the industry is starting to take notice.

Last month, Facebook announced a $10 million program to expand its digital advertising program, which was previously limited to a handful of brands.

PIVots CEO Scott Sperry said the company has also partnered with Google to provide its ad-serving platform to a number of other companies.

“Our mission is to serve publishers across the world, and we are constantly looking to grow our reach,” said Sperries.

POVots recently began accepting ads for its Facebook ads, but he declined to say how many ads it has received.

Povetting ad partners like Povotes will be important for Povote in the future.

“The digital advertising landscape has evolved quite dramatically over the past two years, and it has changed the landscape of how you build a brand and a platform for your products,” said Povoting CEO Scott Storz.

“We need to be able to build a great platform that is built on top of existing technology and our data to help us do that.”