A poster campaign for Gucci and other luxury brands has been rolling out in the United States, and it is shaping up to be an effective marketing strategy for a company that is in the middle of a massive overhaul.

Gucci said on Wednesday that it had bought ad space for its “Crazy Love” campaign in the US for an undisclosed amount.

The campaign is a mix of the company’s traditional ad campaigns and its “Made in America” campaign.

The ad space in the “Made In America” ad space, a new campaign in New York City and a few other cities, will help to promote Gucci products in the market, according to Gucci chief executive Yves Guitton.

“We have created a unique opportunity to partner with brands that have the right vision and have the ability to drive their business forward,” Guitton said.

“With this new advertising platform, we will be able to drive a new level of impact for our brand, and help Gucci to continue to be the best luxury brand in the world.”

The company’s “Made for America” effort has also been a source of controversy since the campaign was launched last year, when it was criticized for not including a full picture of the American flag on the banner.

The US flag has long been a controversial symbol, and the campaign includes a depiction of the US flag on a banner at the bottom of the ad space.

“Made For America” is a partnership between the US Department of Transportation, the Federal Aviation Administration, the United Nations and the US Chamber of Commerce.

In September, the Department of the Treasury approved a $10 million award for the campaign to promote “Made on America,” a brand of clothing, accessories and other goods made in the U.S. It was unclear whether the new campaign will include the full image of the flag on Gucci-branded clothing, which is not allowed in the campaign.

But Gucci spokesman Alex Bresciani told the Wall Street Journal that Gucci has not changed its business strategy for the US campaign.

“It’s not an ad campaign anymore, it’s an opportunity to promote our products,” Bresci said.

The company is also trying to sell a range of Gucci goods in the UK, France, China and Brazil.

The new campaign also includes a new line of products for the luxury segment of the market.

The Gucci campaign also has a new advertising format, which involves images on a large banner, and also an ad that features a “Made with Gucci” logo on a website.