Post advertisement The New York Times, which has been criticized for running a “fake news” advertisement for Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign, has released a new “fake” article about the president that it claims will “explain the true reasons why the American people reject his politics.”

“Trump is not going to get elected in 2020,” the article declares.

“We don’t know why.”

The Times also cites a series of polls that show “millions of Americans” oppose Trump, but that is based on a false poll that the NYT falsely said showed “million” Americans who had never voted for Trump.

The Times article also says that “many of those who have voted for President Trump have given up on him,” which the article says is untrue.

The article continues: “If Trump is elected in November, many of those same voters will continue to give him the benefit of the doubt as they look for new ideas, while others will move on to other candidates.

In fact, many voters who backed Clinton in 2016 now say they are voting for Trump because of the way he treats them.

The truth is that the American public doesn’t like him, and he has not gotten their support,” the Times article concludes.